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Producer: Michael Kerr/The Michael Kerr Company

Writer/Director: Michael Kerr


LOGLINE: Writer/producer/director Michael Kerr revisits his movie star father John Kerr who walked away from Hollywood to pursue a law career. Movie star interviews on their own stardom + cultural critics on celebrity worship...and mainly; an intimate Father/Son story.




Would you Walk Away from Stardom...? John Kerr did:



A Hollywood son, Michael Kerr, shares his difficult love story about his complicated movie star father John Kerr, in counterpoint w/ *current movie stars’ interviews exploring the theme of...WALKING AWAY.  Now that you’re a huge star would you ever just quit?  Does stardom sometimes feel like imprisonment outweighing the fulfillment you get from your craft and your passion for it?


Michael Kerr VO: “My father was never really that passionate about acting, though he deeply understood the craft. Performing on the real stage of the courtroom as a lawyer, he found that professional passion”.


This profoundly personal story counterpoints the narrative of John Kerr’s decision to quit a “Starring John Kerr”  ‘60’s acting career with interviews w/ movie stars, cultural critics; discussing the themes of celebrity worship; A son’s memories of how John Kerr walked Law School at age 32; toward a successful career as an attorney for 35 years. Would you walk away?

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