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Anatomy Of A Movie Star

Producer:  Michael Kerr

Co-Directors: Michael Kerr & Laurel Ollstein

Writers: Michael Kerr & Laurel Ollstein


LOGLINE:  Two movie stars, former lovers who now only  speak through their agent, spend a deconstructed night alone together, trapped on the empty soundstage of the movie they’re co -starring in.




"ANATOMY OF A MOVIE STAR" -- the ultimate low budget, social distancing movie: TWO characters, NO sets, NO locations; the entire film is shot on an empty Hollywood soundstage. In this absurdist existential comedy, The Player meets Samuel Beckett by way of Judd Apatow & Tina Fey as we spend 24 hrs. with the quasi-intellectual ruminations and struggle of TWO MOVIE STARS to just feel real. Souls are at two hearts implode yet maybe mend each other.



Movie star RICHARD GREY is shooting the love scene today...only nobody told him the studio’s been sold to a Chinese equity fund and they’re tearing down all the soundstages to build condos...tomorrow. KATHERINE “KAT” PAUL, his co-star (and erstwhile soulmate) is too self involved with  her social media to have clued in: “It’s fake news!”. Locked inside the empty soundstage all day and night they come to grips with what it means to be a movie star without a studio, an out of touch human, as well as acknowledge that no one really cares about their movie, twitter feeds, or who they once really were when their movies were good. In this stark cultural examination of movie stars as false Gods, only the audience really wins. Or at least for 102 mins. Richard and Kat find a way to reconnect but pull the plug on what might be the last Hollywood movie.

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