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Producer/ Writer-Director Michael Kerr launched The Michael Kerr Company in 1995 after a year contract as a writer-producer developing TV movies 20th Century Fox Television. In 1996 he was nominated for an Emmy for “THE MEN’S ROOM” (Lifetime). Michael’s career began early, writing for the hit TV series (HILL STREET BLUES, MIAMI VICE, thirty-something), as well as obscure independent films (THE NAKED CAGE).  He had a brief, forgettable acting career, starring in the indie film LIVING THE BLUES. His work has continued as a screenwriter on feature films, including ACADEMY AWARD winner “THE READER” and more recently “THE SOLOIST and as a “script doctor”.

In the 2000’s Michael expanded into documentaries and reality TV, creating and producing many shows for cable and syndication: MARLBORO DAYS IN PRAGUE ...the home design show RENOVATION NATION (BRAVO)...




He has worked in China on various projects since 2008 and, having acquired the necessary “guanxi” (and actually getting paid) continues actively developing that crossover business despite its current trade tension. His documentary-in-progress, HARMONY, a musical exchange between high school students from both countries was supported by the Los Angeles Sister Cities program. Michael remains very busy on the New Media/New TV curve, currently producing content large & small on all platforms for global programmers, including CNN.

Michael also writes essays, book & cultural reviews for various  publications.

"The springboard of any project for us is PASSION; which drives us from development thru production  and delivery,  often reaching a global audience..."

Mission Statement

The Michael Kerr Co.  is a low overhead development and production outfit, with great ocean views from its Santa Monica home-office. And also great vision and resources over the entire filmed entertainment new landscape from Hollywood to Bucharest to Shanghai...and onto cellphones in Makoko.


We're able to deliver low budget HIGH PRODUCTION VALUE content & shows; from 30 secs. to  10 - 1 HR TV episodes, anywhere in the world. We’re on top of the New Media curve, with all of its fantastic new technology for production and distribution, and a network of talented, accomplished, experienced, forward-thinking people.The 21st century is about the positive side of globalization; smart entertainment is one of America’s biggest exports, bringing people from everywhere on the planet together. We’re contributing to that with sensible finance plans for production and distribution.

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