NAPA – TV - 1 HR DRAMATIC SERIES (Crime/Romance)
Executive Producers: Michael Kerr, Ellen Wander

Writer: Michael Kerr
Showrunner: TBA



A ROMANTIC THRILLER: Set in Napa Valley’s garden-of-Eden winemaking/tourism enclave, NAPA uncorks crimes of greed, heartbreak, revenge and romance led by SCARLETT HARDING (35) decorated war hero returning home after a hard core military career. She wears her broken purple heart on her sleeve, just trying to find love, mostly of herself, and come home again, as she dons a new uniform: Sheriff. Her struggle to mend scorched family ties criss-crosses with tracking down a serial killer, whose targets keep getting closer and closer to our broken hero. Like a fine-crush blend of Shiraz and’s very complex.



© 2020 by The Michael Kerr Company

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NAPA Presentation DECK-1

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